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All news / Ukraine's animal inventory down

  • 09 Jul 2020, 09:59

 From cattle to pigs, sheep, goats and poultry the country's livestock is declining.


Ukrainian livestock is down this year on every sector, according to the State Statistics Service. Data compiled by the statisticians shows the cattle inventory in Ukraine as of June 1, 2020, amounted to 3.47 million animals, which is 6.6% less than on the same date in 2019.

The pig herd has also dropped by 5.9%, to 5.97 million animals, whilst the number of sheep and goats has decreased by 6.3%, to 1.49 million animals.
A similar situation was reported in poultry, an unusual decrease of 1.5% from 2019 to 231.12 million birds. Last year, cattle numbers in the country have decreased by 6.5%, pork by 4.9%, sheep and goats by 4.8%, while poultry inventory grew by 4.2%.