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All news / Velikoluksky pig-breeding complex to open a new meat processing plant

  • 19 Dec 2019, 09:30

Next year, the Velikoluksky pig-breeding complex will begin the construction of the most high-tech meat processing plant in the Northwestern Federal District, the news service of the AGRO.RU platform reports with reference to TASS.


The head of the Committee on Agriculture and State Technical Supervision of the Pskov Region Nikolai Romanov said that the planned investment in an innovative enterprise will amount to 50 billion rubles. Its launch will significantly increase the volume of pork production in the region, one of the three leaders in terms of the growth rate of agricultural production. The meat processing plant in the Velikoluksky district will be the third in a row in the Pskov region and the most advanced in the Northwestern Federal District in terms of meat processing technologies. Moreover, similar productions, where all world innovations are introduced, do not yet exist in Russia. After its launch, the annual production of pork in the Pskov region will grow by 10 thousand tons. Now in the region there are two meat processing plants - Pskov and Velikiye Luki. In 2019, the total volume of pork production, according to preliminary estimates, will be 250 thousand tons.