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All news / Who dropped Russian agro sector?

  • 28 Feb 2019, 11:36

As the results of December showed, the growth of the agro-industrial complex in the Russian Federation was not as intense as previously thought. What is the matter? As it turned out at the end of the last year, the high rates of agricultural growth were overstated, but in fact the situation in the domestic agro-industry was not so positive. Initially, Russian Statistic Service (Rosstat) estimated the growth of the industry in 5 years at almost 21%, after the adjustment, the indicator did not even reach 9%. Agricultural output in December decreased by 0.1%. Rosstat recalculated the dynamics of agro-production in 2018, and the Ministry of Agriculture explained that the revision was caused by changes in the data concerning small private farms. Households pulled the blanket over themselves and it turned out that the negative trend in the agro-industrial complex was observed during the four months of last year, starting in August (the only exception was October, when the growth of the agro-industrial complex was supported by grain output). In general, the annual dynamics of the agroindustrial complex remained at the level of -0.6%, and this was the first reduction in 6 years, in particular, due to the reduction in the grain harvest and the reduction of livestock numbers.