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All news / Why have sausages and dumplings become more expensive in Russia?

  • 06 Dec 2023, 11:28

Recently, an alarming trend has been observed in Russia - rising prices for sausages and dumplings, especially for pork products. As retail market expert Andrey Karpov explains, this phenomenon is associated with production costs and changes in the meat market.Why have sausages and dumplings become more expensive in Russia?

In general, the increase in prices for meat products is not surprising in the context of inflation and increased costs for producers. However, Karpov notes that consumers still have a wide choice of meat products to suit different budgets.

For a long time, meat prices in Russia remained stable, thanks to the large supply of chicken and pork. However, recently certain difficulties have arisen in the market, which have led to rising prices. Karpov points out that sharp jumps in prices for meat products are observed when the animal population suffers due to epidemics or influenza.

According to the expert, the increase in prices for pork and semi-finished products from it is associated with several factors. First, producers have faced increased costs of keeping pigs, including feed and veterinary services. Secondly, recent epidemics and diseases among the pig population have led to a reduction in production and a decrease in market supply. This led to increased competition between producers and, as a result, higher prices.

However, despite rising prices, Karpov emphasizes that there is a choice for consumers. The market offers alternative meats such as chicken or beef, which may be more affordable. Also, it is worth paying attention to various brands and manufacturers that offer a variety of price categories.

As a result, the rise in prices for sausages and dumplings in Russia is explained by several factors, including inflation, increased production costs and changes in the meat market. Despite this, expert Karpov assures that consumers can always find alternative meat products that suit their budget.