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Russian Federation

10 Edible co-products, fresh, bulk

05 Jul 2020


3,35 USD Raw meat, chilled, bulk, Phytosanitary, Halal

02 Jul 2020


Processed meat, frozen, pallet

29 Jun 2020


Animal by-products, fresh

27 Jun 2020


Processed meat, frozen

24 Jun 2020

Russian Federation, port «Port of Saint-Petersburg» (Russia)

0,5 USD Edible co-products, frozen, polyblock

22 Jun 2020

Inquiry Beef meat Halal
Turkey, port «Istanbul» (Turkey)

Raw meat, chilled, Halal, Phytosanitary certificate, Veterinary certificate, Certificate of origin, Control certificate, Proforma invoices

22 Jun 2020

Inquiry Beef knee-cup
Russian Federation, port «Vladivostok» (Russia)

1.15 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, cartons, HACCP ISO

20 Jun 2020