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Offers and buying requests from suppliers of meat, meat products and livestock

United States, port «San Francisco» (California, United States)

0.5 USD Livestock & poultry, frozen, cartons, ISO 120000,HALA

06 Jun 2019

Offer Duck meat
Russian Federation, port «Port of Saint-Petersburg» (Russia)

2.4 USD FOB Processed meat, frozen, polyblock

06 Jun 2019

Uruguay, port «Montevideo» (Uruguay)

8 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, vacuum bag

06 Jun 2019

Chile, port «Valparaiso» (Chile)

0.45 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, cartons

06 Jun 2019


240 Raw meat, frozen, polyblock

05 Jun 2019

Pakistan, port «Karachi Port» (Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan)

7:50 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, bulk

05 Jun 2019

Edible co-products, frozen, vacuum bag, HALAL

05 Jun 2019


Raw meat, frozen, bulk

04 Jun 2019

Russian Federation

Raw meat, fresh, polystyrene boxes, halal

03 Jun 2019