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Offers and buying requests from suppliers of meat, meat products and livestock

Inquiry Pork intestines
Russian Federation, port «Novorossiysk» (Russia)

0,5 USD Edible co-products, frozen, polyblock

23 Jul 2021


1 Livestock & poultry, fresh, polystyrene boxes

22 Jul 2021

Russian Federation

1,61 USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, cartons

22 Jul 2021

Brazil, port «Santos» (Brazil)

910 USD Raw meat, frozen, cartons, Halal

21 Jul 2021

Offer Lamb export

Raw meat, fresh, bulk, Halal

21 Jul 2021

Philippines, port «Port of Manila» (Philippines)

2.5 USD USD FOB Raw meat, frozen, bulk, HACCP

21 Jul 2021

Denmark, port «Copenhagen» (Denmark)

Contact depends on order EUR FOB Raw meat, fresh, cartons

20 Jul 2021