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All news / Cherkizovo added 145,000 tonnes of chicken meat in output

  • 04 Feb 2020, 10:59

In 2019, Cherkizovo has increased its chicken meat production to 766,000 tonnes in live weight, adding 145,000 tonnes in output, according to a press release from the company. The results secured Cherkizovo's position at the top of the Russian poultry industry, with 121,000 tonnes more than its closest competitor's. This is the second year in a row for Cherkizovo to rank as the main poultry producer in Russia.

The Company’s poultry division enjoyed a great deal of success in 2019. One of the milestones was China’s decision to open up its market to Russian poultry, which led to increased output and provided a significant boost to Cherkizovo's exports. Completion of the first stage of upgrade at Altaisky Broiler, which was acquired in December 2018, helped launch there the production of goods under Russia's most popular chilled poultry brand – "Petelinka". Last autumn, this range was rolled out in the Siberian Federal District. Another positive development for the division was the decision to step up cooperation with the country’s fast-food chains.

This year, Cherkizovo Group plans to continue ramping up its poultry capacities, with Altaisky Broiler standing to receive a twofold increase over the course of two years and gain even greater prominence in Siberia’s poultry market. New broiler units and added slaughter capacity are expected to bring the facility’s annual chicken meat output to 116,000 tonnes.