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All news / Cherkizovo to invest $115 million in a new facility

  • 13 Jun 2018, 11:54

Russia's largest poultry producer Cherkizovo wants to invest RUB 2 billion ($33 million) to expand its poultry meat complex in the Voronezh region, WATTAgNet reports.

The company wants to build 32 poultry houses at the complex and also expand its slaughterhouse. The company will invest RUB 2 billion ($33 million) and expects to increase the production capacity of 110,000 metric tons per year by 20% to 130,000 metric tons.

Cherkizovo's current strategy in the region focuses on acquiring more land to increase its crop production to reach the levels reported at its other facilities.

Cherkizovo's founder, Igor Babaev, who made these recent announcements, has also discussed with the governor of the Voronezh, Aleksey Gordeev, about further investments in pork and feed production and also a control program for African Swine Fever (ASF).