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All news / Feed prices gained record

  • 17 Jun 2019, 10:23

The average producer price of compound feed in Russia increased by 24% over the last year and in April was at the level of 17.8 thousand rubles / ton, reports Rosstat. For the first four months of the 2019th feed price went up by 8%. The most significant change was observed in the Central Federal District, where mixed feed price  increased  by 26.5% to 18 thousand rubles / ton, in the Volga region the growth was 25%, in the Urals - 24.5%.

In particular, poultry feed prices in April rose by another 0.7% and reached a record level of 19.2 thousand rubles / ton. Compared with April 2018, growth is estimated at 22%. The average price of feed for pigs in annual terms increased by 25% to 16.3 thousand rubles / ton. It reached its maximum for the last three years in January - 16.4 thousand rubles / ton, after which it dropped slightly. Cattle feed prices went up by 23% to 13.4 thousand rubles / ton compared to April 2018, which is the highest level since the beginning of 2017.