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All news / Food in law. Russia plans to consolidate the ideology of healthy eating at the legislative level

  • 08 May 2019, 10:18

Russian government plans to consolidate the ideology of healthy eating at the legislative level.  Experts are sure that new law will be able to restore order in the sphere of selling products. Together with the inclusion of ideology in the educational system, this should change the minds of Russians and make them healthier. "," found out what officials understand as a normal diet.

The idea to accustom Russians to a healthy diet with the help of a special law was pondered for the first time. According to the deputy chairman of the government Tatyana Golikova  it was decided to take on this in the framework of the national project Healthcare.

“A corresponding draft law has been prepared, which we hope will be submitted to the State Duma in the spring session,” she said.

The document has not yet been made public, but at a press conference of Rospotrebnadzor devoted to the topic, it was said that its text contains not only general phrases about the need of healthy diet, but also such provisions, which, for example, will allow to prohibit product positioning as useful if it contains harmful ingredients.

However, it is not enough to choose the right products. We need to teach Russians how to prepare them, explained Alexander Lenin, head of the Optimal Nutrition research area at the Federal Research Center for Nutrition and Biotechnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, reports

“A healthy diet is not only a list of products and the right balance in their consumption, but also a culture of cooking, which includes the skill of selecting, processing ingredients, and so on,” he said. “All this needs to be implemented in school education, and the law we are talking about can contribute to this.”

Adoption of the ideology of proper nutrition will certainly lead to the publication of official government recommendations. This, according to experts, corresponds to world practice.