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All news / In December, the food prices in Russia rose 2 times faster than in the European Union

  • 05 Feb 2020, 11:13

Consumer food prices in Russia in December grew by 0.8% compared to the previous month. In 2019 the price of food increased by 2.7%, according to Rosstat.

In the EU consumer prices for food last month increased by 0.4%. For the full year food prices rose 2.5 percent.

In December 2019 compared to the previous month, consumer prices for food products among EU countries has increased most significantly in Poland, Hungary, Romania, Finland (by 1.0 and 1.1%); in annual terms – in Poland (7.2%), Bulgaria (7.0%), Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic (5.1-6.5 per cent). In some countries the price of food has decreased.

compared to November 2019 most notably the products cheaper in Denmark (0.7%).

compared to the previous month, last month, the EU has considerably increased consumer prices for vegetables and for meat and meat products. The increase in vegetable prices was the most significant in Finland (10.2 per cent), Malta (5.7 percent), Croatia (4.7 per cent), Czech Republic (4.4 per cent); meat and meat products in Croatia (3.2 percent), Hungary (3.0 per cent), Poland (2,8%), Bulgaria (2.7 percent).

however, in most EU countries in December fell consumer prices for oils and fats; sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and candy; dairy products, cheese and eggs. In many States, cheaper fruit.

In Russia in December, the largest increase in prices was observed for vegetables – by 6.8% (on average across countries of the European Union and 2.3%).

the price of dairy products, cheese and eggs rose 1.2% (the EU average has not changed), on oils and fats – by 0.6% (the EU average decreased by 0.7%), fruit – by 0.5% (in the EU fell by 0.4%), bakery products and cereals, and for fish and seafood – 0.4% (in the EU increased by 0.1%).

the price of meat and meat products remained at the level of the previous month (EU increased by 0.9%). Sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and sweets fell by 0.3% (in the EU by 0.6%).

In General, in Russia in December compared to November 2019, consumer prices rose 0.4%, the EU average is 0.3%. In 2019, the inflation in Russia amounted to 3% in the EU – by 1.6%.