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All news / Meat industry to benefit from a useful tool for marketing and trading - Stock Meat

  • 28 May 2018, 10:07

The platform's main goal is to develop a global network of specialists involved in production, trading and marketing of meat and meat products.

 Meat industry and technology producers in this sector have now a reliable tool in expanding their businesses fast and safe as has been officially launched today.

The online platform is a B2B network that is serving the interest of its customers no matter if they are producers, sellers or marketers in this industry. "We aim to connect specialists in this line of business under a network designed to operate globally. Stock Meat is starting as a marketing, networking and trading platform that is going to benefit all the businesses involved in this industry. Most of all, we expect to see quality products promoted with the help of this tool in order to add value to the businesses", declared Mr Dorinel Niculae, Project Manager, Stock Meat.
According to the official description, Stock Meat stands as a perfect B2B tool for everyone involved in meat trading, from manufacturers to distributors and traders. The platform brings together specialists from all continents optimizing the distribution of meat around the globe. "To make things even easier we decided to not intervene in the commercial transactions made through focusing on making the platform processes work as smooth and fast as possible. Our platform is free to use all the way until your deal is secured and delivered. Our standard fee depends on the quantities negotiated trough", declared the representative of Stock Meat. Also, the platform doesn't charge any registration fee.