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All news / Meat prices continue to rise

  • 10 Oct 2017, 09:14

Prices for meat continued to grow between 11 September and 20 September, although not as fast as before, according to the data offered by the Ukraine's State Statistics Service analyzed by the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC).


According to UAC, one kilogram of beef currently costs nearly €3.56, which is 1.04% higher than the price reported ten days ago, and compared with the same period of August, the prices increased by 3.5%.

The price for pork remained unchanged at €3.34 per kg compared to ten days ago, but it reported an increase of 5.2% compared with the prices from August.

The chicken price increased by 0.5%, to €1.77 between 11 September and 20 September, and rose by 3.9% compared to 21 August.