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All news / Ministry of Agriculture: prices for chicken meat increased sharply

  • 31 Jan 2019, 09:20

The Ministry of Agriculture recorded in January an increase in wholesale prices for chicken meat. RBC writes that on January 17, the weighted average price of poultry meat amounted to 117.2 thousand rubles  per ton (+ 21.8% compared to the same date of 2018).

Earlier it was reported that on January 10, 2019, the weighted average price for chicken meat was at the level of 117.85 thousand rubles (+ 0.3% per week).

Retail prices for chicken, according to Rosstat, by January 14 exceeded the prices of January 2018 by 22.4%. The cost of 1 kg of chicken in retail increased to 152.7 rubles (a year ago it was 125.1 rubles / kg).

According to IMIT, on January 21  chicken meat prices increased by 21.2%. Compared to December, its value added 4.8%.

The Ministry of Agricultural Incomes is expecting price adjustments for poultry meat this year  because poultry companies affected by bird flu are being restored in 2018. Prices have already been adjusted: as of January 17, the price for live poultry has decreased by 4.2% since the beginning of the year, and for poultry meat - by 0.2%, noticed in the department.