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All news / Ministry of Agriculture proposed to simplify farmers access to markets

  • 13 Mar 2019, 10:27

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation will simplify the admission of small agricultural producers to the markets through amendments to the law “On retail markets”.

Amendments to the law that will help implement these plans, experts have already prepared. Now, according to the ministry, farmers will have more maneuvers to expand their business, and administrative barriers will weaken. The essence of the changes is that the sellers' cards on the agricultural market for farmers and villagers who grow potatoes, vegetables or produce meat in their own farms will be canceled.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Oksana Lut, commenting on the innovation, explained that it would be easier for the farmer to get permission to trade on the market. And all will benefit from this: the range of products will increase and there will be more fresh farm products. The proposal of the Ministry of Agriculture was approved by the government and the State Duma.

Lut stressed that Russian farmers can apply for all existing government support measures, such as a single subsidy, concessional lending, a subsidy for compensation of direct costs incurred in building and modernizing agricultural facilities, unrelated support in agriculture and vegetable production.

Until 2024, the project "Creating a system of supporting farmers and developing rural cooperation" will be implemented in Russia. Within its framework, farmers will receive more than 37 billion rubles.