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All news / Miratorg invested over $85.5 million in one of its meat production facilities

  • 06 Aug 2018, 10:58

Russia's largest beef producer Miratorg has invested over 5.4 billion rubles ($85.5 million) to expand its production of high-quality beef in the Smolensk region since early 2015.


The company's press center said Miratorg has build from scratch a vertically integrated facility that produces high-quality beef with a cattle stock of Aberdeen-Angus breeds exceeding 600 thousand head.

Miratorg plans to increase its cattle herd up to 1 million head by 2021 and continues to build new livestock farms in Bryansk, Orel, Kaluga, Smolensk, Tula, and Kaliningrad.

"The company is not only increasing the number of its livestock and building new farms and developing large-scale facilities for the production of high-quality beef, but it is also gradually increasing the area of cultivated land, buying and renting abandoned farmland. An essential part of investments is accounted for by livestock, purchase, and cultivation of land, purchase of machinery," the press service of Miratorg Agribusiness Holding commented.

The company considers the Smolensk region to be very important for cattle breeding. The total land owned by Miratorg in Smolensk exceeds now 85.7 thousand hectares of land.

The company is also actively developing its facilities for production of cereals, primarily corn, the main component for intensive animal fattening. At present, the holding has launched 10 cattle farms with a cumulative total of more than 41.9 thousand heads and created 455 new jobs in Russian rural areas.