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All news / Penza region increased meat production

  • 26 Sep 2019, 09:55

For 8 months of this year livestock and poultry production for slaughter (in live weight) amounted to 229.4 thousand tons in Penza agricultural organizations/ The production of milk amounted 115.6 thousand tons, eggs - 84.8 million pcs.

Compared to the same period last year, meat production grew by 28%. At the same time, there was a tendency to reduce the production of milk (by 3%) and eggs (by 8.3%).

The yield per cow in large, medium, small agricultural organizations (excluding farms and agricultural holdings) for 8 months of this year amounted to 4980 kg (9.7% higher than in the same period in 2018). The egg production of one layer hen is 164 eggs and that is an increase of 3.1% compared to January-August last year.