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All news / Pig breeding cluster to be opened in Voronezh region

  • 23 May 2019, 09:31

The construction of a meat processing plant is begun in the Voronezh region. The enterprise will become the main resident of the Pavlovsk priority socio-economic development territory and in essence will complete the creation of a pig breeding cluster in the region.

Among the participants in the ceremony were Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev and Governor Alexander Gusev. The event is very significant not only for the economy of the region, but also for the agricultural sector as a whole. Here, on German and Dutch equipment, soy will be processed into feed for piglets. Experts say that there are no analogues of this production line in the whole country. 

Last year, pork production in the region exceeded 250,000 tons. The capacity of the meat processing plant, which will be erected here in a couple of years, will be enough to process it all. The total investment in the project is more than 12 billion rubles.