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All news / Russiam poultry production in 2020 may reach 6.7 million tons

  • 30 Jun 2020, 10:54

In recent years, poultry farming in the country has been developing dynamically and now the sector occupies a leading position among all branches of animal husbandry.

The share of poultry meat in the total meat production volume is 44.2%. The level of self-sufficiency in 2019 reached 100.3%. At the same time, export of poultry products increased by 13% compared to 2018 - up to 209.8 thousand tons. The main production is concentrated in the Central, Volga and Ural federal districts. According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, in 2020, poultry production (for slaughter in live weight) will be 6.7 million tons, and by 2025 it will grow to 7.1 million tons.