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All news / Settlements in national currencies will allow Russian meat suppliers to beat competitors in the Turkish market

  • 19 Feb 2019, 10:58

There are good prospects for deliveries of Russian meat products to Turkey, the main thing is to determine the products that can not only take, but also keep the market share, which is highly competitive. This was told by expert Leonid Kholod.

Russian meat products have gained access to the Turkish market. This was told by the Russian ambassador in Turkey, Alexei Yerkhov. "There is a first decision on the admission of Russian meat products to the Turkish market within the allocated quota, but without duties. We are currently negotiating how to formalize this existing solution. I think such decisions will be reached in the coming weeks. This is a kind of breakthrough, and this is very important and great, "said Yerkhov.

He also reported that trade between the countries last year exceeded the pre-crisis level, amounting to approximately $ 25.4 billion.

At the same time, trade relations between Russia and Turkey have good prospects for the use of national currencies in settlements. “According to our estimates, now up to 10% of bilateral trade operations are carried out in this mode of trade. And this comes not even from above, but from below, from the economic entities themselves. They carry out such operations as part of their mutual settlements,” said Alexey. Erhov.

At the end of the year, Turkey introduced a quota for imports of 75,000 tons of cattle meat from all countries with a zero rate of import duty. Further, the supervisory authorities of the two countries agreed on certificates for the supply of Russian beef to the Turkish market.