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All news / Ukraine may lose its pig farming in three years - experts

  • 06 Jun 2019, 09:46

In two or three years, pig breeding in Ukraine may disappear completely, the press service of the Association of Livestock Producers of Ukraine (AJA) said on May 29, the organization’s website reports.

“Due to the lack of a sufficient number of enterprises for the disposal of animal waste, massive non-payment of compensation to farms affected by African swine fever, and insufficient control by the State Food Service, in 2–3 years, the pig breeding in Ukraine can be destroyed,” the report said.

Experts say that in Ukraine there is a catastrophic situation with African swine fever - the real extent of the disease is unknown, because breeders prefer to hide the facts of infection of animals. In addition, there are very few enterprises involved in the disposal of sick pigs in the country:

“There are scant quantities of actually operating disposal enterprises throughout Ukraine. And if you check those listed according to official statistics, it turns out that most of them do not work or are in disrepair, ”the AJL stressed.

As REGNUM news agency reported, over the past two years the price of pork in Ukraine has increased by 37%. Ukraine is increasing purchases of pig products abroad.