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All news / Will The Outbreak Of COVID-19 Bring Sustainable Development To Cold Storage?

  • 02 Nov 2020, 11:32

The occurrence and outbreak of Covid-19 disease has created potential opportunities and potential for cold storage.Under the conditions that many businesses are trying to resist and survive during the Pandemic period, it seems that some businesses have the ability to create opportunities.

In the meantime, cold storage is one of the jobs that although initially faced with slowness and numerous problems, but with the continuation of this disease and the continued activity of retailers and producers in the poultry industry saw potential opportunities. In fact, changes in protein supply chains such as poultry products have benefited this sector.

In recent months, the behavior of consumers of poultry products has changed slightly. At the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, consumption of the products decreased and then returned to normal to some extent with some products. The need to continue the production process in order to ensure human food security has led to an increase in freezing and delivery of these products to cold stores.

However, economists believe that the recession will continue in the second half of this year, and this will inevitably lead to the accumulation of poultry products, and in the meantime, the share of frozen products will be higher than others because of higher durability.

That is why commentators believe that the outbreak of COVID-19 has created potential opportunities for the Cold Storage industry that, if combined with planning and innovation, could lead to sustainable development in this sector.