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All news / Wrapping up December: What’s new in the world of pigs?

  • 23 Dec 2019, 00:38

A lot of innovations saw the light in the pig business just before the end of the year. What about a new sow body condition app, various vaccines, a cleaning agent or a new ASF diagnostics test?

Tracking body conditioning of sows with Beyer’s app

Bayer’s BCS SowDition app measures and tracks the body condition of sows. The smartphone app allows farmers to easily store, track and analyse their sow and herd health in one tool. In 4 steps the app estimates the body score, removing the subjective bias of visual scoring. This information is also stored and classified according to the reproductive stage the sow is in and her parity, allowing users to track and analyse an individual sow condition or even an entire herd.

New foam cleaning agent by MS Schippers

MS Schippers has introduced MS TopFoam Power cleaning agent, which uses the power of foam to ensure shorter and more effective cleaning. According to the developers at MS Schippers, “the score of TopFoam Power is about 30% higher than the best products on the market.” Thanks to its improved reaction, the product has a lower processing time during cleaning and therefore results in less water in the drain.

MS Schippers also announced that the first farms in Spain have been selected to adopt its HyCare approach. At pig integrator Coren, 2 farms were selected to be included in the hygiene approach which comes e.g. with a coating layer, clean water and a zero-tolerance policy to insects.

Kernfarm launches 2 new pig vaccines

Kernfarm introduced the FIXR range aimed to help control rotavirus, E. coli and Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia. The new starter portfolio consists of 2 registered vaccines for pig producers in the Netherlands, namely FIXR Rota Coli (against rotavirus in suckling piglets, with a combination of E. coli and inactive porcine rotavirus type A serotypes) and FIXR APP 2,9,11 (for active immunisation of pigs from 6-weeks old to reduce the chance of lung lesions).

Silver Lake Research develops test for ASF

Silver Lake Research in California, USA, a medical diagnostics company specialising in rapid tests, has developed an inexpensive, simple, quick and accurate test for African Swine Fever called PenCheck. The test gives results in 20 minutes and can be done with the pig still in the pen.

VDL introduces updated dispensers

The updated version of the VDL dispensers has been tested long-term under practical conditions. The dispensers are now available in 4.5 and 6.5 litres with 2 different top caps with direct connection to 50mm and 60mm feeding tubes, which makes them faster to assemble and more compact. They feature a universal connection, an extra-large lockable cap that makes it easier to clean and access for administering feed additives, and a stainless-steel adjustment cable.

Agrivida’s Grainzyme phytase available for swine operations

Biotechnology company Agrivida has announced the availability of its Grainzyme phytase enzyme feed additive for use in swine operations following receipt of GRAS status from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The corn-based enzyme offers a more convenient, nutritious, and sustainable phytase than previously available, and thanks to its high enzyme concentration, only 1-2kg of ground Grainzyme corn is needed per tonne of feed.

European Protein performs DNA testing on piglet and sow feed

European Protein offers free DNA testing to pig producers to compare the health impact of the farmer’s current feed with the company’s complementary protein EP199, a new functional protein which consists of Lacto-fermented rapeseed and seaweed. Through a DNA test the farmer will be able to map the herd’s bacteria problems while evaluating the influence of their feed on gut health to promote beneficial gut bacteria and represses pathogenic bacteria.

Dr Eckel’s MagPhyt to mitigate tail biting

A study with undocked piglets carried out at the Oberer Hardthof teaching and research institute concluded that Dr Eckel’s feed additive MagPhyt, which is specifically designed for pigs and piglets to achieve stress-relief and support animal welfare, can mitigate the occurrence of tail biting. The results were presented by Prof Klaus Eder and Dr Denise Gessner at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany.

Shimai Technology’s carbonisation vehicle deployed in China

Hangzhou Shimai Technology has reached an agreement with Changshu (Jiangsu) government and Suzhou’s Wuzhong district government utilising the company’s MR-1000 carbonisation vehicle, which is covered by 18 patents and aims to safely handle ASF-infected livestock. The vehicle ensures no odours or harmful gases escape during the disposal process, and after the incineration, the carbon-based by-product can be used as fertiliser

Victam and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 launched

The show Victam and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020 combines under 1 roof the expertise of 2 show organisers, Victam and VIV. Providing solutions ranging from feed production, feed technology and processing, to feed ingredients, feed additives, animal health and pharmaceuticals in animal protein production, the show will take place from 24 to 26 March 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand, with around 400 exhibitors in a 17,800m2 space at BITEC.

Nutreco supports soy farmers in Brazil against deforestation

Including the division Trouw Nutrition for animal nutrition – Nutreco has pledged to commit € 1 million over the next 5 years to the ‘Funding for Soy Farmers in the Cerrado’ initiative. The project aims to conserve native vegetation and biodiversity in Brazil’s Cerrado region, halting deforestation by providing financial incentives to farmers to produce soy only on existing agricultural land. Soy represents more than 80% of the current Cerrado cropland.

Royal De Heus acquires Evialis Galicia feed plant in Spain

De Heus has signed an agreement for the acquisition of the Spanish compound feed plant Evialis Galicia from Archer Daniels Midland Company. With a volume of more than 50,000 tonnes of compound feed annually, the company currently offers a complete assortment of compound feeds for multiple animal categories. Evialis Galicia, located in Sada, Spain, was founded in 1974 by a collaboration of pig farmers to produce feed for their own sows.

Zoetis acquires ZNLabs

Zoetis has announced the acquisition of ZNLabs, a full-service veterinary clinical reference laboratory company with a network of labs across the US. This follows Zoetis’ recent acquisition of Phoenix Lab as its entry into reference laboratory services and builds on a strategy to develop a more comprehensive diagnostics offering with enhanced value for veterinarians in the country.

Magapor aligns with Guyue to create large boar stud

Magapor has announced the signing of an agreement with Guyue to create the largest boar stud in China. Guyue is a cooperative company formed by 7 groups within the swine sector in the Chinese province of Guangdong. The capacity of the centre is 1,000 boars and, once built, it will be the largest worldwide.

Mid-December, the Spanish artificial insemination company also held an American Technical Meeting in Minneapolis, MN, United States. It was the second time an American meeting was organised; plans are underway for a 3rd edition in 2020.