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Offers and buying requests from suppliers of meat, meat products and livestock

Kenya, port «Mombasa» (Kenya)

8600 USD FOB Animal by-products, frozen, vacuum bag

04 Oct 2022


Raw meat, frozen, bulk

04 Oct 2022

Brazil, port «Port of Santos near Sao Paulo» (Brazil)

450 USD FOB Processed meat, frozen, cartons,

04 Oct 2022


Raw meat, frozen, cartons

03 Oct 2022

Sweden, port «Malmo» (Sweden)

Livestock & poultry, frozen, vacuum bag

03 Oct 2022

Bosnia and Herzegovina, port «Port of Ploce» (Croatia)

Raw meat, fresh, vacuum bag, Halal, iso........

03 Oct 2022

Vietnam, port «Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon port)» (Vietnam)

2.5 USD USD FOB Processed meat, frozen, vacuum bag, HACCP

03 Oct 2022

Brazil, port «Sao Francisco do Sul» (Brazil)

450 USD FOB Processed meat, frozen, cartons

02 Oct 2022